Can new generations of technology meet future needs for all members of society or are different approaches needed?

MobiCycle's Story

Smart Home Solutions

Post-millennials and baby boomers are adopting smart home solutions at a rapid pace;

e.g., "Just ask Amazon Echo"

The Market

UK: 5 million installed user base after 6 months

Germany: 2 million units after 4 months

USA: 15 million units after 18 months

E(lectronic) Advisor's voice interface, combined with Amazon's Echo and Alexa, makes E-Advisor powerful

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Repair
    • new customers for repair shops
    • online guidance via the Repair Clinic for consumers
  • Recycle
    • cleaner, single material waste streams for local authorities
    • retailers/manufacturers meet their mandatory quotas for ewaste
  • Sell
    • compensation for consumers
    • donations for charities
    • CSR points for Amazon, Ebay

E-Advisor's survey data offers retailers and manufacturers customer insights and upselling opportunities

Further Benefits

E-Advisor directs consumers, who choose to recycle, to their closest industrial waste container for recycling electronics and electricals

Closing the Gap

From Consumers to Organisations

Sensors4Bins Benefits

Local authorities are able to determine which recycling bins are increasing

Retailers can optimise their waste collection

marketing programmes become more effective


retrofits existing industrial waste containers with sensors; and, streams data about the bin's contents to an online dashboard


How It Works

A sensor device streams data via a gateway to our servers (which reside in the cloud)


  • sensor devices
    • strain gauges to measure the actual tonnage
    • humidity sensors to detect holes in the bin
    • gps to track the bin's location


gateways connect over Low Power, Wide Area Networks (LPWAN); e.g., LoRaWan


the server serves the app and sends notifications and alerts

Issues with the E-Advisor skill

(for Alexa apps) & Sensors4Bins

User: "it was frustrating"


Skill: "What is your experience with your product? Was it great, frustrating, or was it something else?"

Skill: "I have recorded your response as frustrating. Would you buy your product again? Just say yes or no."

User: "yes/no"

Skill: "There was a problem with the requested skill's response"

The Customer Survey

(-)engineering and installation costs are significant


(+)locations have been acquired

(+) contracts are pending following successful proof of concept; i.e.,  stream data consecutively for 90 days

*JavaScript integration is pending

The Sky is the Limit!

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