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Reducing Inequality:

Payday Loans, Electronic Waste & Repair/Reuse

Theo, Dalton, Andrea and Roslyn

The Problem: UK, US & Germany

1500% Annual Interest Rates (Wonga)

The Problem: Abroad

  1. In 2013, there were about 157.1 million unemployed workers throughout the world’s developing nations.
  2. Electronic waste is the world's fastest growing waste stream. It pollutes the soil and water.

The (Payday Loan) Market

Short-term lending is a valuable market for lenders, and is predicted to be worth $2bn annually by 2018 . Repeat borrowers made up 38% of payday loan recipients in 2015.

The ombudsman also revealed that those complaining about payday lenders included teachers, nurses, students and “even a handful of vets”, showing that this was an issue that affected people from “ all walks of life.

The Solution (1 of 3)

Low income citizens of the UK, Germany and US (2017) can avoid buying a new 'washing machine' by repairing it via MobiCycle's Repair Clinic.


The Solution (2 of 3)

The Repair Clinic helps UK residents to:

  • find their closest repair shop,

  • watch a relevant repair video or

  • chat online to a repair expert.



The Solution (3 of 3)

European or American residents may choose to chat to an online expert.  Experts will come from 'developing' countries and are unemployed or underemployed.   These experts help consumer explore their repair options.


  1. Launch Electronic Advisor via Amazon Echo
  2. Choose the Repair Option:
    1. Get closest shop
    2. View repair videos
    3. Chat online with an expert from a developing country
  3. Choose the Sales Option:
    1. Get pricing information
    2. Place item for sale on Amazon

*Repeat process for US and German Customers


The Benefits

  1. UK residents will not have to take out a payday loan at all, or they can significantly reduce the amount taken out;
  2. UK residents will avoid crippling levels of debt;
  3. Overseas workers can apply their knowledge to gain income;
  4. Overseas workers can learn new skills and apply them;
  5. The planet has less dumped electronic waste.