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We make completing insurance applications

as easy as pie



The error rate is quite high


Completing an insurance application is overwhelming and intrusive


People delay answering the questions

Answer only a group of related questions at one point in time


Answer questions in chunks as opposed to all at once


Use voice instead of pen and paper

How It Works

Day 1:  Alexa launches the app. The customer answers questions in Bucket 1 around The Individual

Day 2:  Answer the questions in Bucket 2 about Health

Day 3:  Answer Bucket 3 questions about Family

Day 4: Answer Bucket 4 questions about your Occupation


The application is submitted to the claims reviewer for processing.





  • increase quality of answers and likelihood an application will be submitted

  • substantially lower the costs of collecting the data

  • automatically store the information in a Firebase database

  • easily reach all family members in the household

  • upsell and cross sell insurance products